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I am Angela aka Alika. PSPing for 8 years, have been making kits for a lil over a year. I have two children. 1 daughter who is 3 and 1 son who is 20 months. You may use my scrap kits in your tutorials or challenges but please link them back to me. Thanks! I would love to see your creations with my kits please email them to and I will add them to my blog!
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**Forewarning** Some of my tuts are written with a sense of humor and a bit off the wall please do not take any language seriously! They are not for the faint of heart. I am making them this way to make it fun for me and to bring a bit of laughter and brightness back into the PSP World. If you have any problems with them please contact me at the address below**

All my Tutorials were written by me. Any resemblance is purely coincidental. Please do NOT claim as your own or try to alter them in any way. If you want to post my tuts in your PSP Groups, please post a text link back to this site. I love to see everyones results, just send them to and I will put them up on my blog!

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Monday, September 5, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Sexy Badass Tutorial! PTU

FAIR WARNING - This tutorial was written to give some humour, fun and awesomeness to the tutorial world. I am being a lil off the wall and hyper with this so IF you are offended easily, I probably would skip this tut O.O

What you need:
Paint Shop Pro - duh :P
Caffeine...I prefer coke oh and some chocolate infact just gimmie all of your coke and chocolate and no one will get hurt alright sexy ho! woot ok ok lets get for real......I know right......oo dont forget mojo dust!

Tube by Elias Chatzoudis now, I am using the smexy fucking tube that is da shiznet BUT you cant have this tube...only awesome taggers can have this tube..jk hehehe however, this tube is NOT for sale It is a Siggy Showdown forum exclusive which is a totally rocking forum so to earn this tube and be apart of this forum visit us HERE or you can use another one of Elias's tubes which you must purchase a license for HERE

This totally naughty scrapkit by Wicked Princess Scraps called Death Becomes Her which you can purchase HERE It is a collab for the T.A.G organization which is a very awesome program going on to help people in need read more about it HERE

Weescotslass Creations Mask #84 you can get HERE

Plugins: Xero-Fritilliary, DSB Flux- Bright Noise, Eye Candy 4000 Glass and Gradient Glow

Font: Times New Roman and FB Lipgloss

Last but surely not least your mojo fairy....dont have one you say? Easy fix! Just go steal someone elses like I do and hold it hostage, maybe give it a lil rum before you return it to their owners. Hey they dont call me Mojo Fairy Thief for nothing!

Got everything meh sexy biatches? Good lets get started!

Open up PSP (duh! I know just bare with me here), new canvas 600x600

Copy and Paste circle frame, resize it by 80% twice. Add following dropshadow settings:

Use freehand laso tool to go around the frame i just go like in the middle of the frame as shown below:

Grab paper PP2 copy and paste as a new layer, image resize that sucker by 75%, selections, invert, edit, clear omg here we go again with the redundant shit huh?!?!
Drag that layer underneath the frame layer, looks totally rocking huh? Yeah thats right even YOU can make rocking tags that arent even finished yet but they just oozeout awesomeness!

Grab you tube of choice, im using a closeup of the tube for this one, copy and paste it and position it as you wish in the frame.
Duplicate that sexy mug and drag the original layer underneath the frame becase im about to show you the most awesome thing you will ever learn!!!

Ok ok dont get to excited yet, its simple, but way cool if you wanna do this shit like me ;)

Wait ok hold on, IF you want a drop shadow, go ahead and apply the settings before on the original copy of the tube (the one under the frame biatch!)
Now pay CLOSE attention.........yo sexy ho I said pay CLOSE attention quit looking at that sexy shirtless guy running down the road.....

We good now?!?! GREAT lets continue
Take your rectangle selection tool from the left tool bar make sure the COPY of the tube layer is selected this is the layer above the frame. Yes above, not below above
that smexy guy isnt going to be running back the other way anytime soon.
Draw a rectangle with the tool from the bottom of the tube to a bit above the frames bottom of the tube. Confused yet? Figured ok, do it like this!

Now edit clear OMG theres shit hanging out the bottom of the frame!!! right? ok well we are going to do the same thing but this time on the original layer and make sure
you do not go OVER the frame you wanna keep you selection tool below and in the middle of the frame.

Ok thats it my biatches! we are so done! No? It looks to plain? Really? ok ok yeah it does lets continue shall we.

I wanna go ahead and add my mask so open up your mask, minimize it, open up PP10 in kit, copy and paste as new layer, resize it by 75%

Go to layers, new mask layer, from image and choose your mask image from the drop down menu, source luminance checked and make sure invert mask data is unchecked. Yes unchecked..stop...why did ya check it fool? Go ahead, click it again to uncheck it now we are back on track click ok. pretty huh?

Right click on the mask group layer choose merge group, and then drag it all the way to the bottom layer you want it behind the tube frame and paper!

Lets snaz it up a bit to make it totally awesome and add a filter, lets do xero fritillary with the below settings:

Ok I dont want to bore you with so many filters this time so we are just going to continue on.

Add whichever elements you like to the tag or you can follow mine

Ill tell ya which ones I used so you can be awesome like me remember!

Bad Girl Paddle
Bad Teddy
Lips 2

Woot now we are done! Go ahead and crop around your image if you like make sure not to crop to close to the mask layer! No need to resize this tag today so go ahead and plop that copyright on there so you dont get into trouble. I use black, times new roman and use a gradient glow setting. You can use any color you want just make sure the copyright is readable!

Now save as a .png without the white layer if you have it and as a .psd incase you need to make changes.

For the name I am using colors #962264 and #514565 as a gradient with the repeat set as 10.

Font is sized 72 and FB Lipgloss. Apply the following DSB Flux Bright Noise settings:

Then apply the following glass settings:

Then the following gradient settings:

Add a drop shadow and post that biatch everywhere you can to show how you can make a awesome totally bitching tag like this!

Thats it for today and I hope you enjoyed this bitching tut and it made your day brighter! And remember if you like my tuts leave me a comment or a shout in my chat box and Ill continue to make these fucking awesome tuts for you!



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OMG gurlie that was too funny! Great tut

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